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The Footwear Summer Course is a unique international learning experience giving participants from around the world the opportunity to upskill in terms of creating, developing and prototyping fashion footwear models while in close contact with the world’s leading footwear industry, at the heart of Portugal’s footwear tradition.

In July 2021 “the Sexiest Industry in Europe” will play host for 3 consecutive weeks to a group of designers, entrepreneurs and footwear technicians from around the world for an unprecedented onsite experience creating, developing and prototyping footwear models in an outstanding industrial, historic and cultural environment.

Course participants will be offered in-depth contact with state-of-the-art technology, as used by the footwear sector, and premium materials for their prototypes.

They will also be given the opportunity to exchange experiences with their peers and leading footwear technicians. This experience provides unique competitive knowledge and upskilling for the creation, technical development and prototyping of footwear collections in harness with up-to-date thematics on international market segmentation. All of this will happen in the inspiring backdrop of Portugal’s historic-cultural landscape.

About |

Where and When

03rd to 25th July

Porto – Lisboa – Arouca – Espinho

(urban, countryside, coast)

To Whom

Fashion / footwear designers, footwear technicians,
entrepreneurs from the footwear industry

(minimum skills required: beginner/intermediate level at technical development)



First week - 03rd to 12th july - Porto

In this first phase, participants will visit world-leading footwear companies (fashion footwear, technology, components) and will learn about research into trends, while having the opportunity to make contact with experienced Portuguese stylists, technicians, entrepreneurs, brand owners and/or manufacturers of some of the most exclusive footwear brands in the world. At this point, participants will also have the opportunity to visit some of the landmarks of the historic and cultural heritage of northern Portugal.

  • Reception and welcome dinner at the hotel
  • Douro: upstream by boat and visit to the wine cellars
  • Visits to footwear factories (lunches included)
  • Dinner and Show – "Casa da Música"
  • Dinner at "Casa de Chá da Boa Nova"
    Chef Rui Paula/Siza Vieira’s arquitectural work
  • Visits to shops accompanied by a stylist
  • Visit to Shoe Museum / Hats Museum and CTCP
  • Dinner at Yeatman Hotel (2 Michelin stars)
    Chef Ricardo Costa
  • Walk through downtown Porto
    Visit to Livraria Lello, Café Majestic and other touristic spots
    Visit to Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art (permanent exhibition)
    Dinner (Restaurant in Passeio Alegre) TBC
    Porto Sightseeing
  • Weekend in Lisbon
Inspiration |


Second week - 13th to 18th july - Arouca

Creation |

The second phase in this concentrated learning programme focuses on the creation and technical development of shoe models, addressing international markets to meet, in a unique and exclusively inspirational environment, the needs and expectations of different consumers. At this point, creation and technical development tutors will be supporting the participants. Through the different workshops scheduled, world-class experts and influencers will also address the most advanced concepts and techniques relating to creativity, technology, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

  • Dinner in AROUCA
  • Accommodation in Quinta Anterronde
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners at Quinta Anterronde
  • Yoga
  • Design / technical development of shoe models
  • Thematic Workshops
    Storytelling and design
    Emotional Intelligence
    Sustainability and Circular Economy
  • Walk through “Passadiços do Paiva”
  • Visit to Arouca region
    Pedras Parideiras, Serra da Freita
  • Workshop on local fruit jams
  • Gastronomic experiences


Last week - 19th to 25th july - Espinho

In this final phase, participants return to the companies to complete their footwear projects, assisted by skilled technicians and with the strategic guidance of experienced managers. Each participant will be given the opportunity to follow the manufacturing of their prototypes in a company chosen to reflect the nature of their projects, thereby benefiting from the job-shadowing and the close contact with the expertise identified with “the sexiest industry in Europe”.

The Portuguese Footwear Summer Immersion Course will end with the presentation of the prototypes.

  • Accommodation in a seaside hotel
  • Prototyping in the selected factories - 5 days
  • Sunset
  • Hotel Spa
  • Final presentation of the prototypes
  • Closing dinner
Materialization |

Expectations from this course

Participants can expect:

To improve their skills in researching trends as well as their knowledge on styles, product concepts and innovative materials, addressing all dimensions of footwear creation.

To develop skills on sourcing products in a consistent way, respecting lines, trends and needs of the target markets.

To have close contact with state-of-the-art technology in the footwear industry.

To communicate more effectively with industry players , peers, technicians and those in receipt of their creative projects.

To better understand all the dimensions involved in footwear creation and technical development of high-quality products, following varied concepts.

To work with the most qualified and experienced technicians and coaches.

To develop skills on drafting business plans for launching new product lines.

To develop business skills by example and adoption of successful practices.

To learn best practice with regard to sustainability and social responsibility and to integrate same in future projects and marketing plans.

To network for future projects.

Info |


This programme may be subject to change.

The updated version will always be available on the website.

The final programme will be provided on the first day of the visits.

The course programme will be delivered in English.

Training/coaching personnel are from CTCP - 30 years supporting the Footwear industry - and from its international partners.

The programme offers a group experience requiring adherence to the timetable.

All meals as here described are included in the price, any other meals are at participants’ own expense.

Tickets for museums and exhibitions are included in the price.

Transfers quoted in the above programme are included in the price, any other transport will be at participants’ own expense.

Air travel is NOT included in the price.

At the end of the course, participants will be given a certificate of attendance.

Payment is non-refundable.

Price: € 3,950 (three thousand nine hundred and fifty euros)

At the end of the course, participants will be given a certificate of attendance.


The course will have a maximum of 15 participants.

Selection criteria:
Work experience.
Motivation to enrol in the course.

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